Emotional Support Animal Letters

Meet Simon.

Simon offers unconditional love and comfort for many patients.


It is a well known fact that animals are healers, offering us unconditional love and comfort. Being in the presence of animals lowers blood pressure and regulates heart rate. For those seeking ESA or Emotional Support Animal letters, our Team prefers animals for emotional support and emotional regulation over medication. The Psychological Healing Center is dog friendly, so if you would like your friendly and trained pet to accompany you during your therapy sessions, just ask and I’m sure Simon and the Team would be delighted to have him or her join you.

For those of you who are allergic or afraid of dogs, Simon is happy to be a gentleman and hang out in a different part of the center for your comfort!


Simon has helped people who suffer from dog phobia due to dog bites or similar trauma heal their PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). His gentle manner has helped many people regain their trust in man’s best friend.

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