Marriage and Family Therapy Intern

Registered Marriage and Family Therapy Intern IMF97867, Cert. No. 123510

Atosa has earned a Masters degree in Psychology with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy concentrating in mindfulness at Phillips Graduate Institute.

Atosa strongly believes in Bowen Theory that emphasizes in multigenerational issues, managing chronic anxiety and depression, increasing level of differentiation. As a therapist, Atosa contributes development in relation to self-awareness and enhancing self-knowledge and identity.

She helps improving the quality of life by working towards ones aspirations and dreams. She teaches to view oneself and lie in a more positive manner. Moreover, she pursues in strengthening family relations, developing personal strengths and improving social engagements.

Atosa’s philosophy is that an individual is part of a family and behave the way they were trained in that family structure. Her goal is to provide a warm, comfortable, and safe atmosphere for her clients to release frustration, anger, anxiety, or any fears that enables one to live a happy life.


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