I often get calls from couples complaining that they have been to several therapists with no results. Why is this so?

The fact of the matter is, when two people come together in an intimate relationship, past wounds from childhood get reactivated within the relationship and get played out. Like groundhog day, these re-plays of the past keep spiraling down into CHAOS, DEFENSES and eventually DETONATE within the relationship.

With the use of the Be The Cause MIND MAP, we (the therapist and patients) always know where we are, where we’re going and HOW TO dismantle the old patterns and reboot the system.

For those of you seeking couple’s therapy, know that as you go FROM the problem THROUGH the process and TO the solution, you will find yourself “seeing” your relationship dynamics from a fresh and empathic perspective and have the tools to finally RELATIONSHIFT out of the dysfunctional, disconnected old relationship, and RELATIONSHIFT into a sustainable, interconnected one.

Remember, the purpose of the MIND MAP is to help you RECONNECT, INTERCONNECT, and HEAL HUMAN DISCONNECT.

Note: For your convenience we have offices in Sherman Oaks AND Beverly Hills (near Beverly Hills High School).
For your financial convenience we have therapists who work on a sliding scale basis and are personally trained by Dr. Judy in the MIND MAP System.