By Dr. Judy Rosenberg

Overeating, especially during the holidays can destabilize your mood . Food, like any drug, can be used to self medicate our emotions. It starts with Mother-Infant disconnect as CAUSE. When Mother, or primary caregiver doesn’t supply enough of the emotional ingredients for the baby to “take in” the blueprint of a warm nurturing available mom, it creates what I refer to as the Hole In The Soul phenomenon. 

Food can temporarily “fill” the Hole In The Soul, but not for long. Especially when it comes to sugar and other processed carbs, moods can swing up and down and trigger anxiety and depression.  Human Disconnect is prominent, and our tendency is to self medicate by overindulging on unhealthy food choices.  What we need a as a human race to feel healthy is touch, eye contact, and EMOTIONAL CONNECTION; the healthy substitute for using food as a crutch.  

Especially around the holidays, it is important to stay CONNECTED and INTERCONNECTED with friends and family and “fill up” on Unconditional Love, the most healing force in the universe!  (see Panel 7 of the MIND MAP)

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