Just because something is culturally correct it doesn’t mean that it is mentally healthy. Different cultures ruin their children in different ways. Here is the Psychological Healing Center we are very cognizant of how culture impacts mental health.

There are five basic wounds of childhood:

Physical, verbal, sexual abuse, smothering/spoiling, neglect. To help our clients achieve mental health we must help balance their cultural rules and rules against mental health and personal growth. This is very challenging, to say the least.

Some of the challenges people face are: how to respect your parents and grow as healthy individuals in America. How to avoid cultural clash and maintain a sense of individualism. How to set healthy boundaries given cultural rules and traditions that do not serve mental health. 

Dr. Judy’s Mind Map System was originally intended as a system to heal global disconnect. After realizing that the key to healing global disconnect is to first heal human disconnect, she and her team now ouse the global concept as a Psychological Healing System to heal old child childhood wounds–The root cause of human disconnect.

Within each culture is much cultural richness. We can use traditions to further metal health as well. The key is to help make the distinction between what is culturally healthy and helpful and what is not.