Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy in Beverly Hills and Sherman Oaks

Couples conflict is characterized by individuals in a committed relationship who “act” out with each other most often threatening the bond of the relationship. Symptoms of Couples IN Conflict can manifest as poor communication style on one end of the spectrum, to domestic violence on the other end. Threatening divorce, cheating, controlling, withdrawing, shutting down sexually, acting out aggression on each other verbally or physically are manifestations of Couples In Conflict.

COUPLES IN CONFLICT FROM A MIND MAP PERSPECTIVE: At the Psychological Healing Center we view couples in conflict as individuals triggering each other’s old wounds and projecting them on each other. When two people get together to form a relationship, they often start out with unconscious agendas to “fix” old psychological wounds that only retrigger within the relationship. Conflict results when old antiquated defense mechanisms are used to try to resolve old patterns that were foundationally laid down at CAUSE (the first few years of life and the attachment blueprint with our original caretakers, usually mother/father).

THERAPY TREATMENT PLAN: The treatment plan in this therapy involves identifying the original wounds of childhood and redirecting them off the relationships and back onto the original CAUSE where we can therapeutically clear them out of the dysfunctional dynamics. When old wounds are triggered in the relationship, they play out like a bad “groundhog day” of repetition (we call it the WTF—WHAT THE FREUD!. By healing at the CAUSAL level, the couple no longer has to play out the old unhealthy blueprints of the past and can reboot the relationship into healing. We refer to it as taking people from relation-sh*t to relation-shift to relation-ship.

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