For Individuals, Couples, Families and Corporations

Mind Map Therapy

The Mind Map is a very easy-to-use and powerful tool for illustrating how the wounds of childhood were encoded and manifested into present day symptoms and chaos. The Mind Map is a SYSTEM for Healing Human Disconnect®. The cause of inorganic psychopathology.

The Be the Cause® MIND MAP for Healing Human Disconnect® takes you from the original wound of the mother/infant detachment. At the heart of The Be the Cause® System is the Mind Map, which is designed to take you FROM the problem, THROUGH the process and TO the solution. There are 9 Panels, organized into 3 rows from left to right and from top to bottom. The top row deals with Creation (the past), the middle row Destruction (the now), and the bottom row Reintegration and Unity (the future). Problems are created, dismantled and reintegrated. Think of this process as ENCODING/PAST-DECODING/PRESENT-RECODING/THE FUTURE. By setting your intentions into effect, you become the creator of the solutions to your problems.


When seeking individual therapy, the primary focus is uncovering negative core beliefs and how they affect and interplay with your life and the lives of those around them. The aim is to identify “triggers” and also to identify reactions to said triggers, and ultimately do away with them altogether (as “triggers” are based on personal experiences or assumptions that are then projected outwardly onto others, or even inwardly onto the self).

The Mind Map serves to direct the focus on the causal relationship between each trauma and then how to alter one’s thinking regarding said events, or at the very least bring it to the forefront, so that an individual can begin to understand the why part of their problem.

Naturally, as you begin to heal the wounds by applying the Be The Cause System, the positive effects will reverberate throughout other parts of your life, whether that be with friendships, relationships (both familial and romantic), work-ships, or any other sort of interactive connection. As you begin to heal, other facets of your life will feel this positive impact.


Primarily, the focus during couple’s therapy is to familiarize yourself with one’s own (either conscious or subconscious) wounds alongside those of the partner, and how each individual has a set of core beliefs that are playing a direct role in adding particularly damaging elements to the relationship as a whole. It is undoubtedly inevitable that, should a person hold certain (un)truths about themselves that they perceive to be absolute, issues will arise and conflict may ensue when each brings to the relationship an oftentimes tumultuous history.

There is a period of working on the self, and then working with one another together in session to disband and disarm the walls or points of chaos in the relationship (per the Mind Map matrix). At the core of unraveling and healing each individual’s particular set of wounds, there is the added benefit that not only are you improving in your relationship, you improve overall as a person.

The focus however, starts and ends with the relationship, with core work on each individual segmented throughout the entire process.


When seeking therapy as a family, the primary focus is work on the negative core beliefs within the family system and how they interplay in the family dynamics. The aim is not only to identify “triggers” and how they reverberate and destroy family connection, but also to eventually alter the reaction to said triggers, and ultimately do away with them altogether (as “triggers” are based on personal experiences or assumptions that are then projected outwardly onto others, or even inwardly onto the self).

The Mind Map serves to direct the focus on the interactive nature of the family members and how each can be a part of the healing process to the other. The focus of family therapy is to heal wounds of the multigenerational past, and reboot the old system and create mental health and interconnection within the family members.


Corporations can function like dysfunctional families. When lower, middle and upper management lack the ability to effectively communicate, Corporate Disconnect along with financial loss can occur.

From a Mind Map perspective, what we blueprint during our first few years of life can have reverberating effects on us individually, on how we function within relationships, and even how we function within our work environment.

Many individuals come from dysfunctional families and these dysfunctions set in motion negative core beliefs that get re-triggered at work and in corporate settings. Bosses and executives can re-trigger feelings about our mothers and fathers, and co-workers can re-trigger sibling rivalry. When our families set up poor competitive systems, or worse, abusive systems, we can become reactivated at work.

It is imperative that if we want to function and FLOW at work, that we Heal our Human Disconnect so we don’t manifest it in Corporate Disconnect and destroy our emotional and financial health of the company.