Happy clients.

Victoria Balla

Real help for real scary problems. You are a very loving person Dr Judy WTF. You too Walt.

it almost doesn’t seem real.

Christiana Davidson

” I was so excited to see and work with Dr Judy as I had been following the WTF shows from London. From the start, Dr Judy ‘got it’, I mean she got my story! For the first time in my life, someone was able to understand and see the patterns. It wasn’t at all easy if I am honest and sometimes I was filled with so much fear that I would never be able to escape my core belief system but in the end, after a climactic panel 6, something inside me began to shift.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Dr Judy who really does all this from her heart! I’m still working through a lot even though I’m almost on panel 9 but what I know is that deep within me a seismic shift has taken place. I’m discovering more about the effects of narcissism and uncovering deep offshoots of my core belief which is painful fascinating at the same time.

It is true what they say- ‘when the the student is ready, the teacher comes”.



I can’t begin to describe how much Dr. Rosenberg has helped me. I have personally recommended her to many of my best friends and I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone out there who would like to better themselves, improve relationships with love ones, or has any issues that would like some advice/guidance.


“Dr. Rosenberg is extremely intelligent, comforting, and willing to share her wisdom and insight. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to find clarity, find out what your core values are, and how to work through life having a healthy perspective. Her goal is to navigate you through these topics and teach you how to use her “mind Map” in the process.”


“She mindfully shifts our conversations to relevant behavioral patterns and provides useful, constructive tools through her “mind map” principles, which causes me to better understand the relationship with myself and others in a completely new (and healthier) perspective.”


“After only 10 session I became a better, stronger person with Judy. When I first came in I was full of issue and not having any idea about how to deal with them and start living a life again..”


“Dear Dr Judy,

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world. Thank you for openly talking about the truth, and providing real, practical tools for discovering personal truth. Thank you for making us aware that we are capable of making a change to our lives when we know the truth. The Mind Map is a savior for each individual, and humanity at large. Everyone should be exposed to this knowledge, and everyone should understand it, everyone! My journey of healing has brought me here, to you. My story is loaded, but I believe that I was meant to travel this road so that I would gain tremendous understanding and strength. I believe that the reason for all of my suffering was to find my purpose – to shine the light on human suffering and make a change. To “be the cause”!

I have listened to most of your recordings on YouTube, and gained so much knowledge and understanding. I would like to consult with you to work through your program, and the Nine Panels. I would also like to become an advocate and therapist for your program. I was born and raised in South Africa, and currently live in Connecticut.

Please contact me to discuss further.

Once again, thank you for sharing your work.

Kind regards,




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