By Dr. Judy Rosenberg

Loneliness is a very common form of human suffering.  It starts with Mother-Infant disconnect as CAUSE. When Mother, or primary caregiver doesn’t supply enough of the emotional ingredients for the baby to “take in” the blueprint of a warm nurturing available mom, it creates what I refer to as the Hole In The Soul phenomenon. 

One can be lonely even when with someone.  Human Disconnect is prominent. Just look at how many people prefer to be on their computers, cell phones, and in general move further and further away from what we need a as a human race to feel healthy–touch, eye contact, and EMOTIONAL CONNECTION.  We are creating a lonely and isolating system around us.

There are different forms of loneliness–both social, and individual.  What we most value as a human race is family, relationships, community support.  All it takes is a special significant person to help relieve the isolating aspects of loneliness.  Get with friends, family, community, and even pets.  Especially around the holiday, it is important to stay CONNECTED and INTERCONNECTED!  (see Panel 7 of the MIND MAP)

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