Be The Cause simply means that once we heal our emotional wounds from our past, we can Be The Cause of creating better outcomes for our lives.  Being The Cause means that as we heal, we are free to create and manifest the kind of life we were meant to have.
The wounds of childhood cast shadows over our mental well-being, putting us in a reactive state. This reactive state keeps us stuck in fight-flight survival mode, preventing us from growing.  Furthermore, these wounds create negative core believes that we buy into–negative core beliefs like “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not lovable.”
These encoded lies, which we take as truths, limit and distort our view of ourself and the world around us. I referred to this distortion as our “cracked lens of psycho-perception.”

As these negative core beliefs are activated by others and life events, we can easily break down into chaos, defenses, and eventually bottom out, breaking down even further. The final breakdown is one of either an implosion, experienced internally–anxiety or depression are examples, or an explosion, where the  breakdown is external–projecting anger outward and becoming verbally or physically abusive or violent as examples.

Childhood is a hostage situation. Because we are not in control of our first few years of life and how we were parented, we need to recognize that Part One of our lives is not our fault. That being said, it is our responsibility to heal so that we can break out of our multigenerational past, reboot our lives, and Be The Cause of manifesting our highest most evolved self. I referred to this highest self as the Big I or our self actualized self.

The Be The Cause Mind Map (®) System Is a system of healing based on identifying and decoding our childhood wounds, dismantling their effects on us, and actively and with intention recoding into better more sustainable mental health.  It is based on a nine step process or journey that utilizes the Be The Cause Mind Map (®) to take you on a journey FROM your past, THROUGH their harmful effects on you, TO recoding your future so that you know longer have to live “at the effect” of your past.

The interconnected circles of the Be The Cause logo represents a paradigm shift that is possible when our mind body and soul come together in a more healed state. This paradigm shift opens up new ways of seeing and new ways of being in the world. As a result, new possibilities for better relationships with ourselves and others become possible.

Although the Be The Cause Mind Map (®) System is psychologically based, it is also a psychospiritual model recognizing that mental health requires a holistic approach to life – – as we treat our bodies with health and respect, grow spiritually, and think inclusively, we can not only improve ourselves, we can also improve the world around us.

The interconnection of the circles also represents the synergy that is possible when healthy people work together to create a bigger and more significant WE–the 1+1 is greater than  2 phenomenon. Through critical mass healing, we can begin to utilize our mental health to reverse the damages on a global scale.

Although the Be The Cause System has been applied to Heal Human Disconnect, the System was originally created with the intention of creating a pathway to Heal Global Disconnect. It is only through Healing Human Disconnect first, that Healing Global Disconnect is possible.

As we heal individually, it is our responsibility to pay it forward to others so that we can Be The Cause of not only a better life for ourselves, but a better life for our children our communities our country and the world at large.